Get Your Project Financed

Looking to finance your upcoming roof replacement or exteriors renovation? No Limit Exteriors is proud to partner with Financeit to offer you an affordable monthly payment option to suit your budget and lifestyle. All loans are open and can be paid off at anytime without penalty. The application and approval process is quick and secure and all you need is government issued ID and a blank cheque or direct deposit form.



Please click on the image above and follow the instructions provided. This is the best method if you are interested in learning how much you may qualify for to have your project financed. After you are finished, you may fill out the form below (although not required) to give us additional context about your project and unique needs. We will then reach out to you to explore options as well.



This is an optional form you may fill out to have us work with you to explore your options. We recommend that you click on the image above and follow all instructions first before filling out this form.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What financing options are available for my project?

There are a variety of financing options to suit different needs and budgets. Although we have partnered with Financeit, there are other options that include low-interest loans, zero-interest promotional periods, and extended payment terms. Ultimately, you may choose the plan that best fits your financial situation, ensuring your project can be completed without straining your finances.

How do I apply for financing?

Applying for financing is easy and straightforward. You can start the process by clicking the image above which will direct you to the official Financeit form. Once you have submitted all information to the Financeit form you may also fill out our optional form above to give us additional context about your situation. If you fill out this secondary form, our team will reach out to you as soon as possible. If your application is approved we can then discuss next steps in bringing your vision to life.

What are the eligibility requirements for financing?

To be eligible for financing, you must meet certain criteria, which may include having a minimum credit score, proof of income, and a stable employment history. Specific requirements can vary depending on the financing plan you choose.