Should You Repair or Replace Your Roof?

Medicine Hat Roof Repair and Replace

No Limit Exteriors has certified HAAG inspectors. We can help you make the decision to either Repair or Replace your roof in Medicine Hat.

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Wind Damage can lead to a leaky roof

Medicine Hat Roof Repair - Wind Damage

If you have wind damage, you will want to get a roofing professional onto your roof as soon as possible.

If left too long then there is a chance you can start to see water damage inside your home.

Although, Majority of the time we are able to repair the damage with new shingles. Although, If there is a problem matching your shingles then you might want to pursue other options.

Hail Damage is a serious issue

Medicine Hat Roof Replacement - Hail DamageNo one likes having to deal with the aftermath of storm damage. Unfortunately, Hail storms are a common threat in Medicine Hat for your roof.

Luckily, majority of the time your home owner insurance will cover the damage. We have certified inspectors that are available to help you get the ball rolling on your insurance claims.

In cases where the damage is not fixable by replacing a few shingles, roof replacement is the only option.

Hail and Wind Resistant Options


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